Planting time

This is the state of our green roof beginning at 2 pm on November 9, 2012.

Today I went on the roof and started planting on the modules with three other students. The layout was not what I expected at all. Each module has five different species and is arranged in different patterns. I suspect this is the case because plants interact differently when in close proximity, and also there might be competition for water sources as certain plants extend their roots further out than others. The plants all have different heights too, so there might be competition for light. Planting was not all that difficult. The plants are measured and planted 4 inches from each other with 25 species in each module. The hardest part was making sure the holes were deep enough for the plant not to fall over. We dug with our bare hands so it was a little rough on my fingers. Luckily the soil was moist so once it was moved out of the way it stayed out of my way. We finished 6 and a half modules before we had to leave. Only time will be able to tell if the plants flourish on our man-made green roof.

Greg and Yessenia are looking over the layout plan.

Andre tests the soil.

These are the plants set out for group 6.

Finished this module in group 5 with Andre’s help

We moved on to group 6 with completely different species

Ao is planting the last ones while Greg is watering the finished modules


Notice how different the plants are. This module is almost complete.

It was time for my departure but this is the view of the right side from the walkway

We started on a module in group 9 but we are not finished because we ran out of species 1.

Andre is watering the left side of the roof in preparation for next week.

This is Kirk! He is happy we got done quickly.


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