Propagating Plants

I’ve really enjoyed getting my feet wet with some Horticulture experience this semester. As an Environmental Studies major, propagating plants was something new to me. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving me and a few other students gathered in the Greenhouses to move plants into larger containers, frill their roots, and provide them with more soil. Pulling a plant out of tray is easier said than done. Since their deep storage root is the only thing one can grab onto, without breaking the plant, Nancy and I ended up getting enough soil under our finger nails to fill a pot. We also ran into some surprises. We found lots of little bugs on some of the plants! Kirk informed us of they were Meelybugs. These are small white bugs, they were sitting in large numbers on the stem of a handful of plants we were dealing with. They were found on multiple plant species. I learned that they are a pretty common green house pest, but can be very destructive. The plants we found with the Meelybugs we dipped in an insecticide. We could have been in trouble, if no one noticed the tiny bugs they could have propagated themselves all over our green roof modules. I’ve definitely been learning Horticulture tidbits throughout the entire project, I’m happy to say I’ve got some Horticultural experience under my belt now.

-Cam Bartzen


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