Planting issues


By Iva Sefic

November 14, 2012

            Nancy Luong and I met on November 14 to continue planting the modules.  We were told that there were 25 spots (5 rows and 5 columns) in each module for the plants to be planted. The plants were assigned randomly to what spot they would be planted in but we made sure no two plants were in the same row. We had an even distribution of succulent plants (we even used year old succulent plants from last year’s research project) herbaceous plants and a mixture of succulent and herbaceous plants. We did this to see how the different types of plants would react to the conditions on top of the roof and with each other. Planting the plants was harder than I thought since we only had our hands as tools, but it was an interesting experience. We haven’t started the irrigation project yet but that should be coming up in the next couple of days. There’s only a couple more weeks left in the project and I could not be more excited to see our final outcome!


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