Jarrett Poe


After propagating plants, setting up the membrane layer, and moving the modules into place; it was finally time to put plants in the ground. While we had originally wanted to get plants in the ground before the first cold front, we simply did not have the plant numbers to make that happen. They needed a little more time and a little more encouragement.  However, thanks to the lovely Texas weather we got notice in late November that it was time to get our hands dirty!



Unfortunately my hands were too dirty and I was unable to take any picture of us actually putting plants in the ground because I was afraid it would mess up my phone and I was too focused on making sure that our plants got in the ground in a timely manner.  The first picture is a picture I took of my finished module. It has various succulents mixed into it and will hopefully benefit the most by being up on the roof for the next several months. I am hoping that all of the plants we put in the ground prosper because I am hoping that this experiment will lead to Texas A&M implementing green roofs into their design for future buildings on campus.


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