That’s a Wrap!



This semester is finally coming to a close as we all prepare for the last of our finals. Looking back, signing up for the Green Roof Project has been one of the best decisions I could have made this semester. Aside from learning more about green roofs, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in meteorology, horticulture, and landscape architecture. I’ve learned that some of the plants we are planting are dormant, not dead (could have fooled me)! I have also had the pleasure of working with students outside of my major and have seen first hand how they apply their knowledge to the project. I have gained valuable experience in working with other students and together coming up with solutions to problems faced along the way. 

From the meteorological aspect, I have enjoyed learning about the various interments and how they work and are set up. I look forward to continuing on this project next semester and hopefully will gain experience with programming the different instruments. As seen in the photo above, the tripod with the various instruments has been our biggest success. Wiring all of the instruments to the data logger mounted on the wall was a big learning experience in understanding how instruments “talk” to the computer.

Dr. Conlee is truly one of the best professors at Texas A&M. Him, Dr. Dvorak, and graduate student, Kirk Laminack have really taken charge of this project and provided a great learning opportunity and environment for students. Without them, I would not have had the wonderful opportunity to be apart of this project and look forward to working with each of them next semester as they have all taught me so much!


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