Green Roofing: More than Manual Labor Pt. 2

By Andre Alayon

We also looked at water potential. Water potential is the amount of energy required by the plant to absorb water. The less water in the media, the harder it is for the plant to absorb the water. Plant stress can be triggered by water potential. This number varies a lot between different plants. The initial probe (GS3) was checking the water content and the second probe (MPS-2) was checking the water potential.

Water potential content began to drop rapidly at around 10%. At around 9% it passed -1500 kPa which is when the average plant will become stressed. Most of the plants we are using are more resistant to negative water potential, but because after 10% there is such a rapid decline, it is still important to know when the rapid decrease begins.


Nancy Luong and I represented the green roofing team at the annual horticulture research presentation. It was a rewarding experience, as I have not had much experience with research presentation and interpretation. With the help of Dr. Volder, we were able to write out and present all of our research thus far. It was a bit unnerving to be the only undergrads at the presentation, but we kept our nerves in check. Doing this sort of work made me realize that I wouldn’t mind continuing my education in a research-oriented route. Prior to this I thought it would just be tedious and painful, but it really was rewarding. With the semester coming to a close we’ll have to see where this newly found interest will take me.


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