Future Work from the ATMO Green Roof Team

As mentioned last week, the ATMO team was able to install many meteorological instruments on the roof this semester. As the school year comes to a close, and a few of our green-roofers prepare to graduate, we look forward to the projects future teams will work on.

Last weekend, all green roof participants joined together to begin installing a living wall. This project is almost complete! With a living wall in place, we can begin to understand how it affects the microclimate on the roof. It also adds a nice aesthetic element.

One side of our green roof is completely decked out in instruments, but we will be installing more probes, and possibly another weather station, on the other side in upcoming semesters.

As the green roof comes together, future teams will be able to analyze the data collected by the instruments we installed and begin drawing conclusions about the impact this roof is having. We also look forward to the day when the roof will be opened up to the public, and all Texas A&M students can enjoy the green roof we have built!

Have a great summer!

Thanks and Gig‘em!


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