Living Wall Installed!

by Rachel Nichols, 5/7/2013

Today we finished the green wall. It looks great and felt awesome to see the final project complete! It took a couple of hours to finish and Kirk was the only one who could really install the last few modules because he had to stand on the ladder, which made it difficult with only one person working on it, but it was only the last three rows and didn’t take too long. From this project I learned a lot about green walls and how they can help the environment as well as be beneficial to buildings and homes both aesthetically and economically. I also learned about different species of plants and drought tolerant plants, and I believe we chose the correct varieties for our green wall. I look forward to being able to work on this project more during the summer and see how the wall performs long term. This class has been a great learning experience for me and I really enjoyed working with the green wall team and got to know some really interesting people. I am so proud of our final project because it took a lot of planning and discussion and it turned out really well.

—Rachel Nichols, Horticultural Sciences

Living wall installed

Living wall with Kirk Laminack. Photo by Rachel.


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