Beginning Living Wall #2, by Juan Carlos Vela

Week of June 10th-14th

Livign wall_2_begin install

The second week of June was mostly spent discussing possible living wall systems and plants to test out for our new project. In the end, Professor Dvorak, Kirk and I agreed to go with a living wall system called Flora Felt, which is a vertical garden planter system consisting of fabric and recycled plastic. Unlike with the previous living wall, these panels are made of pockets for which to put the plants in. However, there are a few other mechanisms that are different this time around. While the first living wall system was designed to retain soil for the plant specimens, this system is based on both hydroponics and soil retention. We also opted to utilize wholesale and store-bought plants instead of propagating and growing our own; thus making the process of planting a little easier and quicker than last time. Furthermore, instead of just inserting the plant specimens into the pockets, each specimen will be wrapped in a fabric cloth provided by Flora Felt, making it easier to assemble and disassemble the living wall system as needed, as well as, proving useful in replacing dead or damaged plants.

Living wall_2_panel hangers


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