Construction of Living Wall #2, by Juan Carlos Vela

Week of June 24th-28th

Living wall 2_inprocess

This week, we finally managed to get all of the Flora Felt panels hung up on the metal strips that we had installed the previous week. No planting has been done yet and is unlikely to get underway until July. Unlike the first living wall system we built, this one proved to be much easier and lighter to assemble. However, this does not necessarily imply that it is a better system or that it will prove effective in the long term. One of my concerns with this system so far is  that it appears to lack sturdiness. This may change once the plants are put in, but this wall seems like it could easily be blown away with a powerful gust. Fortunately, one of the purposes of this project is to determine what works and doesn’t work in regards to living wall systems. Despite the uncertainties, I can only hope that this system does prove successful in the end.

Living wall 2_panels hung








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