Living Wall 2 construction, by Juan Carlos Vela

Week of July 8th to July 12th

This week, Kirk and I managed to install the rest of the irrigation system for the second living wall, which proved successful. The only issue we noticed was that the water pressure for this wall was much stronger than that of the first wall, which we assumed to be a result of its close proximity to its water source and fewer drip lines running through it.

Living wall 2_plants

Following the completion of the irrigation system, we proceeded to wrapping up some of our plant specimens and inserting them into the pockets of the second living wall using a similar design style as the one used by Patrick Blanc. So far, we’ve only managed to plant about 10-15 specimens, but we are definitely pleased with how the project is turning out. Our next step is to continue wrapping up the remaining plant specimens and insert them into their respective pockets/panels using the design concept that was discussed prior to planting. While this phase of the project has only just begun, we are very excited to see the end result of our hard work and effort.

Living wall 2_first plants












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