Living Wall Planting Party

Working in the greenhouse

First year MLA students from the Department of Landscape Architecture assisted Master of Urban Planning student Carlos Vela (JC) in the wrapping of plants in preparation for Living Wall #2. The process included removing plants from containers, removing soil, cutting back roots and plant shoots as needed, wrapping the plants in the provided felt squares and securing the wrapped root ball with a rubber band. The students enjoyed getting their hands full of dirt and working on a real project. Participants included: Ning, Siman, Yang, Bitong, Yao, Yue, David Danielson, Wang, Yucheng, Zhang, Yixiun, and Juan Carlos Vela (JC).

JC teaching students how to wrap plants for the living wall

JC teaches students how to wrap plants.

MLA students preparing plants to be wrapped

Students breaking up soil and preparing plants to fit in the felt squares.

Wrapped plants

Wrapped plants ready to be inserted into the living wall next week.


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