Living Wall 2 construction, by Juan Carlos Vela

Week of July 29th to August 2nd

Using the plants that were wrapped the previous week, we managed to complete the entire new living wall. Granted, it took several hours of hard work and labor, but seeing the end result made it all worth it. However, while working on the wall, we did notice that some of the plants had undergone a lot of stress and a few had already wilted beyond repair. One of the reasons we thought of for this problem was the lack of sufficient water during the day. Because this is perhaps one the hottest times of the year, many plant species require frequent watering to survive. One other possible explanation for this could have had something to do with placing the plants in the pockets too soon after transplanting them from their original containers. Upon further inspection, though, we determined that the issue was most likely associated with lack of water since many of the irrigation lines were trapped beneath the plants, hence blocking the flow of water. Fortunately, we were able to correct this by simply pulling the irrigation lines from underneath the plants; thus, allowing the water to flow freely again. As such, it is important to ensure that irrigation lines are kept free of any impeding factors so as to avoid blockages and plant stress.


July 29th-August 2nd_photo1

Living wall #2 near completion.


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