Big Rain Theories and the Lightning Network – by Logan Gerber-Chavez

First we looked at data to see the massive rainfall numbers that should show up on the 12th and 13th but something was wrong with the rain gauge reporting. The rainfall total was 0.09 and 0.07 respectively with the highest wind speed of 3.431 m/s, wind speed of 1.63 m/s, and wind gusts of 1.47 m/s. Obviously there is something also wrong with the anemometer because the gust measurement is lower than wind speed.

Confirming with the Mesonet site showed 5 inches, 3.07 inches on the 13th and a 7999 on the 14th (bad battery at the Mesonet site).

The first idea was that there was a power outage that would cause the data collection problems on the roof. We pulled the data to check for a visible gap but didn’t see one. Looking at the raw data there is 4.8 inches but the daily data doesn’t show anything. Records may be collecting at one minute after the hour instead of 23:59 because the ten minute and hourly show the correct numbers but daily doesn’t.

In another data problem #13 crashes every night but we don’t know why.

We went to the roof in the beautiful overcast weather.  We set up the cord for integration on the lightning network.

Moving some of the tiles to get wires underneath.

Moving some of the tiles to get underneath.


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