Green roof – by Jannel Gonzales

A directed studies upperclassman course, Horticulture 485 – Green Roof at Texas A&M Fall 2013 semester, that I am enrolled in is continuing the care and maintenance of an ongoing project. This project is located on the top of a building on A&M campus, and has four different plots of similarly grown plants. Two of the plots are located on the floor of the roof, which is flat, and the other two are located on a wall, which is perpendicular the roof floor. The entire roof area is a bit different than a normally thought of roof in the way that it is a completely horizontal “floor” which does go outside (have access to sunlight with no roof) but also has walls and areas with small indoor (roof) access which actually supply shade for the plant areas. This most likely would not happen on other roofs, therefore this description is only given because I do think it has a big impact on the plants. It is probably very helpful for the plants to be shaded at some point and would be a concern on a roof that did not receive any shade at all. During the first month, September, of working with these projects I have taken pictures to document the progress. We have worked with the mounted plots of plants on the vertical roof walls more than the two plots on the roof floor. The two different areas will be referred to as the “Left wall” for the white background picture and “Right Wall” for the blue background picture. Please click here to read further and see more pictures in this pdf file: HORTBLG1_October 16


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