Green roof – by Lacy Brown

Today, we planted seeds in the green roof modules to replace plants that were missing as of two weeks ago when we took inventory. All of the plants that we replaced were the same type of plant- Blanketflower. It was interesting to see that none of the previous planted Blanketflower seeds had survived- very few actually even came up. I am curious how conducive the “green roof soil” that was used in the modules is for growing plants from seeds; I wasn’t working on the green roof at the time the original plants and seeds were planted, so I have no idea.

It is very surprising to me that there are actually plants surviving on a green roof in Texas. There are definitely some that are more suited for the conditions, most of which are succulents. In Texas, a green roof could definitely not survive without an irrigation source. While we are usually have drought-like conditions here, recently we received a great deal of rain that I think has helped the plants look greener and healthier-so in order for the green roof to have a real aesthetic value, the irrigation would need to be pretty extensive.

From a landscape architecture perspective, I am hopeful about the green roof and living walls that we are currently working with. While they may not look the best, it really is amazing to see green on a roof in Texas. Green roofs in Texas have the potential to be developed into a new type of beautiful, yet functional private and public spaces. I am also curious to see if edible plants can be grown on Texas green roofs at some point, and how that could impact food availability in many of the food deserts here.


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