Green wall/roof plant propagation – by Lacy Brown

Today, we propagated plants for the green roof so that we could increase the stock of the plants. After those plants grow larger, they can be used to replace dead or missing plants on the green roof/walls, and to begin filling up the new green wall after it is installed.


The new green walls system initially looks like it is going to work very well. There is one central bag in each module, which is filled up with soil. Then, slits will be cut into it where each plant is put in. The outside of the module is a harder plastic material that can be cut for larger plants or left alone for smaller plants. It seems that with this module we won’t have many issues holding the plants and soil in place. I am unsure of the irrigation type we will use for this new system, so that will be interesting to see. I think the most effective will probably be if we put a few sources of water through each module, rather than just one or one source at each plant; this is because the soil and plants are all held contained in one area, but if we put only one source in each of the modules, the water would probably not drip all the way down to reach the lower plants.


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