Fun with Propagation! – by Emily Giffin


Weather has not exactly been behaving in our favor to be up on the green roof recently, and we are also waiting for materials to build the third wall still, so today we stayed in the greenhouse on campus and propagated plants! I had never done this before, and I was really excited to be getting my hands dirty and doing some planting. The purpose of propagating plants today is to start the process of growing our own plants to be eventually placed in the roof system. These small plants will hopefully grow to the stage where they can either replace dead plants on the roof, or be part of the new wall. I was happy to know I was getting to work with plants that could eventually be used within the new system.

Kirk let us know today that the wall modules have finally arrived! He showed us an example of the new type of module that would be put into place, which was very different to the structure of the other two walls currently in place. Each module was built with a plastic outside with many holes for the plants to go through, with a single bag within the plastic cube in order to store soil and nutrients. It is the proposed goal of these modules to maintain soil amount, therefore maintaining water and nutrient concentrations, which will hopefully help keep the plants alive longer. During our next meet, we will begin to build the third wall!