Third Green Wall Installation – by Emily Giffin


            To conclude our semester working on the green roof, we begun the installation of the third green wall being included to the green roofing system. This wall is composed of modules that link to each other attached to rods into the concrete. This structure has advantages over the other two walls because the way it is designed with the individual modules, and interior soil bag. This style of green wall should also be more efficient in conserving soil, water, and nutrients for the plants. 

            This third wall is located on a spot of the building where it will receive the least amount of sunlight compared to the other two walls currently up. This could be an advantage in order to keep the plants cooler in the summertime, but can also be a disadvantage due to lack of necessary solar energy for growth purposes. We are also starting to see some of the seeds we had planted on the ground boxes a few weeks ago sprout!






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