The Creation of Wall Number 3 by Jose Perez

In the beginning of the Spring 2014 semester, we went to the Langford roof to take inventory of the plants that had served through the winter. Soon after the inventory process we meet to discuss possible plant options for wall number 3. Once the list was created, we then headed to the Horticulture Greenhouse to transplant (plant the plants in larger containers) some of the plants that were at the greenhouse, which this would promote further root growth. Once all the plants were transplanted, the next step was to build the modules for wall number 3. This process was a fairly simple process, the steps are as follow: take the sides for the module and attach it to the larger pieces and then attach that to the base and finally add the filter fabric like bag inside. Post the buildings of the  modules, we added the soil to them to see how much soil would be needed for each module , which we later decided was a bad idea, because we would then need to empty the filter fabric bag to add the plants first. Later on we added the plants, which included Yarrow, Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Mexican Petunia, Oregano, Powis Castle, etc., to the modules then filled them up with the soil. After all the planting was completed, the modules sat in the greenhouse for about a few weeks to allow for the establishment of the plants.



2 jose perez


3 jose perez


The second half of the Spring 2014 semester was spent on the Langford roof. During this time we repaired broken irrigation lines, which cracked during the winter months, and tossed away all the dead plants from walls 1 and 2. Also we replanted all of wall 2 with some similar plants from wall number 3 (which are stated in my previous post to see which module system would work better,wall 2 or wall 3. The installation of wall 3 ended today with the  mounting of the modules on the concrete wall. Compared to the other two walls on the roof, I believe that this wall will be more effective due to the large amount of space in each module, which this will lead to lavish plant growth that we all desire. This green roof research class taught me many useful skills related to both my major and in life.


4 jose perez

by Jose Perez



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