Texas A&M Green Roof and Living Wall Experiential Learning Projects (Fall 2014) – Blog 1 by Jace Vela

Texas A&M Green Roof and Living Wall Experiential Learning Projects (Fall 2014) – Blog 1

Vela, Juan Carlos_Blog 1_Photo 1_LAND 685_Fall 2014

For the first few weeks of the green roof and living wall experiential learning class, we concentrated our efforts on inventorying existing plants on two separate green roof systems. These systems had already been established prior to this semester and our objective was to determine which plants had survived and which ones had not. Each student was given a set of plant lists, which were then used to identify and record the condition of the plants that had originally been planted in each module (nine total for each system). We also began removing any weeds from each module, which were then identified and tallied. This was done so that we could have a better idea as to what types of weeds were invading each plant module and to determine their overall invasiveness and potential threat to the remaining plants.

Once all surviving plants had been accounted for, we began discussing the possibility of placing the best modules under one green roof system. This of course meant that we would have to relocate and replant several modules. Relocating the modules took about two weeks to complete, but once the task was done, we proceeded to remove the plants (if any) from those modules which had been deemed as unsatisfactory, as well as brainstorm ideas for what could be planted in those modules.

Vela, Juan Carlos_Blog 1_Photo 2_LAND 685_Fall 2014Vela, Juan Carlos_Blog 1_Photo 3_LAND 685_Fall 2014


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