Green Roof Experiential Learning – Fall 2014 Blog 2 by Nicole Forbes

Blog 2 – November 18, 2014

We have gotten a lot done in the past two months. After completing inventory on and weeding the green roof modules, we took the best of the plants out of the two rooftop sections and consolidated them to the left side of the roof. Below: the top photo is the process of moving the modules and the bottom photo is the finished product.

nicole blog 2 pic 1 nicole blog 2 pic 2

The next weekend, we directed seeded and transplanted numerous food crops, including strawberries, kale, beets, spinach and many more, and watered them. We have not done much else with those modules after planting besides watering them and covering them with blankets when it is cold. Below: the top photo is the section after direct seeding and transplanting and the bottom photo is them covered up in preparation for a cold night.

nicole blog 2 pic 3 nicole blog 2 pic 4

Our main focus this portion of the semester has been one of the living walls. We took inventory of the plants, living and dead, and then removed all of them. We transplanted strawberries first, alternating whether we diapered (wrapping the plants roots and soil in a cloth) and undiapered (putting the plant directly into the pocket with the soil) and placing the strawberries in straight lines based on type. Below: the top photo is the cart full of strawberries and the bottom photo is the finished product of our strawberry transplant.

nicole blog 2 pic 5 nicole blog 2 pic 6

We then transplanted mint, onion, and garlic, along with direct seeding numerous types of lettuce and other vegetables in the remaining sections of the greenwall. We chose a more random approach to placement this time around as well as deciding to diaper all of the plants. Below: the top photo is a sprout of the lettuce we planted and the bottom photo is the wall in its entirety.

nicole blog 2 pic 7 nicole blog 2 pic 8

I look forward to completing the semester and hopefully continuing my work next semester!


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