Green Roof Experiential Learning – Spring 2015 Blog 2 by Ivan Mendoza

The last month we have seen a lot of our edibles bloom out and flower as well as produce edible fruit/foilage. All the wildflowers and bluebonnets around Texas A&M University campus have blossomed as well during this time period. We have recorded the marketable biomass data of our edibles over the last several weeks. Our colleagues within the greenroof course have presented this data during Student Research Week to judges, students, among anyone who was interested. We have collected the most marketable biomass from Lettuce (Butterhead) the past month. The following is the rank for the amount of marketable biomass collected from the edibles: Lettuce (Butterhead): 2458g, Kale (Beira): 973g, Parsley (Italian Giant): 779g, Parsley (Curley Leaf): 309g,  Arugula:  300g, Kale (Tuscano): 300g, Broccoli (Arcadia): 242g, Spinach (Emperor):  168g, Radish (Easter Egg): 122g, Kale (Red Russian): 60g, Cilantro (Chinese): 56g. The last week or so we have continued to keep the modules free from ants and weeds to encourage maximum growth for the edibles.  We also have started bringing down the plant material on living wall 1. We will bring down the rest of the plant material on living walls 2 and 3 except for the succulents, strawberries, and any other material that looks alive.

Ivan blog 2 photo 1

Ivan blog 2 photo 2

Once the new plant material comes in, we will plant them in the modules and bring down the old plant material. We will be planting warm season edibles.

Ivan blog 2 photo 3

Indian Blanket has bloomed along with the succulents the last couple of weeks.

Ivan blog 2 photo 4


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