Green Roof Experiential Learning Blog 3

This time we will work on the living wall. The first step is to install irrigation system from the inlet of water. And arrange the irrigation pipes along the upper side of each planting bags on the wall.

After installation of pipes, we need to take out the existing blankets with old soil inside in the each bag to empty them and wrap the plants with them. Then put the wrapped plants into each bags. Our basic principle of arranging plants is based on theory that short plants on the bottom, tall plants on the upper layer and same plant species are arranged together side by side.

However, the process of putting plants into the bag is really a tough work due to the restricted space provided by bags, which is really difficult to squeeze the plants into such a small space. Also the space above bag is also small which makes the leaves of plants bend outward. So in my opinion, the distance between upper side and lower side bags can be wider.

IMG_8770  IMG_8777IMG_8772

Overall, the green roof internship in this semester is almost done. I really learned a lot from these practical operations of selecting plants, making soil base, planting vegetation and acquire some knowledge about the installation of irrigation system, which would be a greatly valuable experience in my life. I hope this project can be continued in the future.


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