Green Roof Learning Experience – Fall 2015 Blog 1 by Tiantian Lyu

Since it is not the first time for me to work on the green roof, I am more familiar with the working experience. In the summer 2015, I am lucky to have an opportunity to work on the green roof with Dr.Dvorak, which is the first time that I really understand what green roof really looks like. In the summer time, our major work is to design and layout the plants for living wall, which attracts me a lot and I really learned a lot from that experience.

In the fall, the work is a little bit different. A good growing environment is very important for the plants, the roof is overgrown with the weeds, so we need to do some weeding work first. It is hard to remove all the weeds, especially the smaller ones. After a rainy week, the weeds would grow again if we do not finish this step seriously. We need to know that every step is important for the plants.

After finish the weeding work, we need to select plants for the green roof. The following plants will be planted on the roof: Beargrass(25), Red Yucca(16), Mexican Sedum(13), Brakelights Red Yucca(12), Houseleek(12), Resin Spurge(8), Spineless Prickly Pear(8), Candelilla(8), Louisiana Yucca(8), Color Guard(4), Ghost Plant(4), Palmer’s Sedum(4), Mescal Ceniza Agave(4), Spider Agave(4). The reason why we choose these plants is that they can survive in the tough environment with more sunshine and less water.

1 2

We also add 9 small blocks for the vegetable grow on the roof, for example, green onion, vanilla and so on. It is the first time for me grow vegetable in the green roof. In China, people always grow vegetables in the greenhouse, which could always provide constant temperature for vegetables and fruits. These vegetables we selected can also survive and grow well in the tough environment. With all these vegetables and plants, the green roof would be more colorful and alive.


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