Green Roof Learning Experience – Fall 2015 Blog 2 by Tiantian Lyu

After we finish the weeding and plant selection process, it is time to plant and layout irrigation pipe. Irrigation is very important for the plants grow healthily on the green roof, because the roof environment is much harsh with less rain.

We planted the vegetables in the 9 blocks, each vegetables grow in one block, which is regular and easy to maintain, we also layout the irrigation pipe. Now, they grow well during one week, following are the images show us the condition of  irrigation pipe and vegetables.


We also planted succulent plant. First we need to think about it, because different plants have different shapes and habitats, it will be a mess if we plant them optionally. We have to think about how to layout them in a good sight and what is the easiest way to maintain them. So we decide to plant the taller ones in the middle of each block, surrounded by some smaller succulent plant, like Mexican Sedum, Ghost Plant and so on. Also we need to plant one species closely instead of planting them disordered, it will make the whole block looks neatly and lively.


Every Friday when we go to the green roof, we can see the difference about these plants, I feel very happy to have this opportunity growing green plants by myself, it is a good experience to use what we learned from the class into the real situation.


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