Green Roof Learning Experience – Fall 2015 Blog 3 by Tiantian Lyu

The last process for the green roof work is to grow plants on the wall. Before doing the planting work, our team had a discussion about plants selection. We selected different types of vegetation.

Next step is to layout the irrigation pipe. Each row on the wall needs to have its own irrigation pipe, then the plants on each row can get enough water.


After layout all the pipes on the wall, it is time to grow plants. We planned to grow taller vegetation on the high area of the wall, and grow lower vegetation on the bottom part of the wall. Doing the planting process, we need to clean the dead plants from the planting bed and re-wrapped the new plants, then put the new one on the wall and ensure each plants could get enough water under the irrigation pipe.

2 3

After finishing all the above steps, the walls planting work is done.

Doing this semester’s green roof learning experience, I really learned a lot of practical knowledge, for example, I learned how to layout the irrigation pipe on the wall and on the ground; I learned how to select suitable plants for the green roof; I learned how to grow plants on the roof and so on. It will be a valuable experience for my future development as well.



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