Fall 2015 Greenroof post #2

Last week we moved on from the roof garden and its challenges, and began to prepare one of the living walls. We are attempting to bring to life the more unorthodox pocket-based green wall. The wall is made of two giant plastic poster boards, on to which 50 felt pockets each area attached by staples. Right now, there is nothing but dirt wrapped in cloth in the pockets, but in a few month hopefully all the pockets will be filled with green plants wrapped up in their clothes. To help improve this new seasons survival, we are reworking the irrigation system. The previous system was flawed in that it only distributed water directly to 25% of the plants. Usually this would be a great number of plants to directly water, but the unique situation of being a pocket-based green wall create conditions that allow for almost no indirect access to water. Being so, every single pocket on this green wall needed direct access to water being emitted from a hose, but how can we accomplish that? I thought that by weaving a series of soaker hoses through the wall so that every row was watered by alternating hoses would allow each pocket the maximum amount of water. Not a week after brainstorming the idea, we have nearly installed the entire new system. I am looking forward to next weed when we can finally plant the wall. I do wish that we had radishes, because I think that each individual pocket would be well suited to grow individual radishes. I think sometime we ought to try planting some radishes on this wall, because they would be much easier to harvest growing above ground level.


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