Planting Party

May 5, 2016

Today was the last day on the green roof. With volunteers, we divided into three groups: the xeric modules, the living wall, and the modules on the metal walkway. I worked on the modules on the walkway. We cleared everything in the modules we were going to replant, except for some modules that had succulents that had been growing for years.

After clearing them, we checked the list of the plants that were to be planted there and decided on a planting design.


A lot of the plants were sedum species, such as Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’ and Sedum sexangulare. Delosperma nubigenum was also used. After we planted and watered them, we recorded how many of each plant was in each module, excluding the ones we didn’t touch.

After a semester on the green roof, I feel like I learned a lot. I can take apart and put back together a wall module, adjust the water levels, and which plants do well on a green roof. Also that recording information is crucial to see what works and the progress of the roof. I definitely had fun learning all theses things and I hope the plants we planted will last a long time.


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