Sedum Planting Party

Sedums are the staple green roof plant but they’re not very successful in some areas.  They are great drought tolerant ground covers since they grow fast and there a lot of different shapes and colors.  However, it is said that sedums are not very successful in Texas since some Sedums are not able to withstand the unpredictable Texas weather.  This research will helps us determine weather this is true or not.  We have a lot of different species to test that will help us determine what kind of Sedums survive under the climate conditions in this area.

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The first step was split up into teams since there were three different areas where we were going to install new plants: the green roof, succulent wall, and succulent roof with no irrigation.  We were given a list with the names and amount of Sedums assigned to our section, which was the green roof with irrigation.  Each module had a plant in center and anything else in the module was growing around it.  The first step was to decide which sedums we want to group together, we started out by selecting three different sedums and placing them in groups of three.  We also had to record where each sedum was planted and how many where planted in each area.  After planting the first group of Sedums we realized that we still had a lot of plugs.  We started planting a lot of them in all of the modules and set aside the design part of this project. The most important part at this point was making sure we recorded where everything was planted.


Since we planted sedums in different areas of the green roof with different environmental conditions we have a variety of experiments that were started. These sedums will be monitored to determine their success and this could be very important research for the future of green roofs in Texas. Green roofs are becoming very popular not only because of their look but also because this could highly benefit people in urban areas. In big cities where the majority of people live in apartment buildings green roofs could be their only hope for a garden.



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