Sedums in Texas

Recently, we received a gracious donation of sedums to test their durability on the green roof. Though it is often stated that sedums would not fair well on green roofs in Texas, they have not been given a fair opportunity to prove themselves. In this next leg of research, Prof. Dvorak plans to research the sustainability of these plant materials.

On Friday, we had an end-of-semester planting party (complete with pizza of course!) The students involved in Prof. Dvorak’s green roof class, Dr. Jeremy Merrill,  as well as some additional student volunteers in the landscape architecture program divided up the sedum and perennial species according to their microclimatic and growth needs to distribute to the different gardens on the roof, as well as one of the living walls. Dr. Merrill, Kristal, and I worked on designing and installing the plants in the modules on the Northwest corner of the Langford roof among some of Prof. Dvorak’s previous research is still taking place.

In these modules, some of these plants included:

Sedum spurium ‘Red Carpet’

Sedum ‘Angelina’

Sedum ‘Tricolor’

Sedum ‘Blue Spruce’

Sedum ‘John Creech’

In planting them, we spaced them about 3″-4″ apart and tried to design them in drifts. We tried to make sure that we planted at least three different species in each module with varied heights. We learned how to document  the locations of the plants within the modules to ensure that their progress can be monitored.

These sedums will further be monitored on their ability to withstand humidity and the Texas heat as the summer progresses.


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