The Final Plant

As the year wrapped up the green roof was extensively planted. There was a big end of year planting party where we wrapped up the planting for the semester. On the middle living wall many plants were literally wrapped up, in cloth, and placed on the new and improved wall. I hope that the plants survive on the wall, and I think that they have a better opportunity to do so than ever before. A few adjustments were made to the wall to improve it this year, and now more water and sunlight than ever is getting to the plants. This was largely accomplished by trimming a lot of the excess cloth off of the face of the wall. The cloth was absorbing a lot of the irrigation, and then dripping it down onto the ground. The extra cloth also shaded some of the plants, which is especially harmful for a living wall. Since the wall is vertical and opaque the plants only get about half as much sunlight as plants in the ground, and any additional shade only puts plants at a greater disadvantage. In an earlier post I wrote about the current irrigation system’s failure, but it turns out that I spoke too soon. After waiting about 5 minutes I was able to see that the water makes it most of the way down the wall, and every single pod looked to be getting some irrigation.

We also finished providing the roof garden with ground cover, and now it is thickly planted as pictured.


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