Green Roof 2016 Fall

I learned about green roof technologies in the first year in TAMU, but I never got an opportunity to get myself involved in the practical learning. This is quite exciting that I can do some real green roof work this semester.

During the past weeks on green roof, we have been working on the removing old plants and setting up for new plants. We have been dealing with multiple types of green roof, including modular tray system and living walls.

Modular Tray

When we were working on setting up the trays, we divided them into different groups based on different levels of water needs of plants we were going to plant. We poured gravels into the trays and used tape to control the height levels of the gravel layer, half inch or one inch. Then we put the filter fabric layer on top of the gravels and filled the trays with soil. Now we are ready to plant the plants!