The Beginning of Green Roof

Written: October 6, 2016

Posted: 12/1/2016

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By committing a few hours a week to Langford’s own green roof we hope to continue studying what trends will make it most successful, as well as replenishing the already established gardens from years past. In the beginning of the class we learned a lot about the past work that had been implemented and a little about what condition they were currently in. In previous semesters they had replanted many of the green walls, established a majority native species bed, as well as a edible plantings section.  Although, as we viewed the current conditions of distress and had been over run by “weeds”. While considering what this meant for our class in terms of the work we would be doing, it was explained that we would be replenishing each bed through out the semester as well as expanding on some of our own research.

Green walls displayed vacancy, and extremely wet conditions. Weeds had over taken some of the vacant beds as well as most of the ground laying beds.  One species of grass in particular had successfully weeded itself into each bed and overtaken much of the plant space. After evaluating all of the conditions it relieved a lot of opportunities we would have to improve on the space though out our semester. Possible projects included the replanting of vegetative walls with more conditioned plants, weeding the existing beds, and adding new planting to some of the ground beds. Most of the research underway had to do with heightening the frequency of green roofs through the surrounding area (restaurants, and campus expansions) and specifying the proper conditions in which they would be most successful.


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