Grass Bedding Samples

As we previously covered, there were multiple studies to be done on the successful characteristics of a green roof. So far we have been constantly prepping for the incoming garden add-ons that mean to test grass as the primary ground cover. We are aiming to add on this new addition while updating some of our already excising gardens.


Step 1: Laying out the panels in two different sections to allow later comparison between the two.

This week we are setting up a few different sample sections  (2), each with slightly different characteristics that should test the growth of grass in the different conditions. While these changes between the two are minuscule, they will effect the ecological processes within each square differently. For example one of our sections had a higher gravel amount than the other. This will allow the water to better drain from the soil rather than accumulate within it. Currently we have been having a lot of problems with the beds by them either being too dry or too damp. By designing the beds with these different components (such as the gravel) we will have better qualities to compare them by, thus make the next experiment more successful.


Step 2: Lay a higher amount of gravel in one section rather than the other. This resulted in there being more soil in one than the other.


Final: Over lay grass flats onto soil and gravel and allow then to take root.

This is what the eternity of the class has been about thus far. It is a trial and error process that should result in us having better experience for the experiments to follow. Sometimes this can be an intimidating process due to the majority or decision being left up to the student, but it also allows us to research and learn for our selves as well.


Continued: Evaluate the success of both grass section and how they compare to one another.

The next project with be revamping our green walls. I look am looking forward to learning more about how to monitor water levels, and avoid overly wet conditions in both the ground beds and walls.


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