Fabric Living Wall 2016 Fall

For the fabric living wall, we just did slight changes. We removed the previous plants which are already gone and replaced with new species which may be more appropriate for the fabric living wall system. Most part of the system is going very well.


The system has its irrigation line on top of each row and the fabric can easily absorb water which is a good aspect for irrigation. Each fabric pocket can hold a  plant. We need to carefully wrap the plants and give them enough soil for them to grow. The design is quite easy for planting.


Studies showed that living walls can bring thermal benefits and increase energy efficiency. Still, we need to find out the most appropriate species for living wall and create the best living environment for the plants. I think that’s the meaning of the attempts we are doing now. Hope all the effort we have made this year will show a great result in the next blooming season!!!


One thought on “Fabric Living Wall 2016 Fall

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