Green roof technology was evolved in Europe to mitigate for ecological stresses from urban development such as flooding, urban heat islands, air pollution, and prevention of drought. In North America, green roof research is beginning to demonstrate similar benefits, however, research in southern U.S. climates is lacking behind the northern U.S.

A living wall is a vegetated wall designed to achieve similar benefits of green roofs, however, much less is known about their performance. Green roofs have been proposed for several buildings at Texas A&M but have not yet been realized.

Our proposal affords faculty, students and administration the opportunity to better understand the performance expectations of green roofs in a safe and controlled setting. We propose a green roof and living wall research facility on campus to engage over 1000 students from three colleges. Students would help assemble and install the green roofs and living walls, visit the facility, collect data, and observe real-time data in the classroom. Instructors would evaluate student comprehension of green technology concepts and research findings.

As green technologies are becoming encouraged and mandated in North American cities, future leaders will need hands-on experiences to understand the expectations and limitations of green technologies. With this proposal funded, students at Texas A&M will be better prepared to become environmental leaders and compete with students from the many colleges and universities across North America are already engaged in green roof research. Faculty will be able to become green technology leaders in Texas and the southern U.S.

Video of what was accomplished by students and faculty during Fall 2012:
Click Here to Watch on Youtube

During 2013 and 2014 students and faculty worked together to assemble and install three living wall systems on the Langford Building roof for plant trial investigations and measuring of surface temperatures. Their work can be found her http://youtu.be/pTlKWGuG_Ls

Read more about our project.


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