Module Deconstruction

One day on the green roof, early in the semester, we took apart one of the modules on the succulent green roof to look at the root culture of the plants that had stuck around since last year.  It mostly ended up being one spreading succulent and some grass. Taking apart the first module was trial and error. It was difficult, at first, to figure out how to separate the plant roots from the filter fabric. We also had to sift out as much soil as we could to get accurate weight measurements.

At the end of the day, we learned a lot about how to conduct research studies with plants and how to construct a green roof module.


Replanting the Greenwall

These pictures are from the first day we started planting on the living wall. We had brought up this cart of various plants to try out. There was some Asian Jasmine, Shamrock, Bamboo and a few others.


Before we were able to put new plants in we had to disassemble the old wall, tear out the old plants and collect the old soil for reuse.


The plants had to be taken out of the pots and the root balls had to be broken up and loosened so that they would fit comfortably in the wall modules. We collected most of the soil from the pots for reuse.


After we brought all the plants up, took down the old modules and disassembled them and divided up the plants, we only ended up changing out two of the modules that day.

Planting Party 2k16

The planting party last on the morning of May 5th was a whirlwind of planting, pizza. A few more students from the BLA and MLA programs joined us to help us plant hundreds of succulents on the irrigated green roof, felt module green wall and the non-irrigated prairie green roof. I worked on the irrigated green roof, we planted various succulents (mostly sedums)  and marked down where each grouping was placed on the diagram. We tried to pair up plants that would work together aesthetically and not crowd the existing plants out.

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We checked up on the green wall we had planted previously a few of the plants were looking a little brown, but some of them were doing quite well.