The Green Roof

For the whole semester, we did a lot work on the roof. At the beginning, we got rid of the weeds of the planters on the floor and the modules on the wall. Some plants are growing well, although some weeds were there. We planted several fruits, like tomato, on the left side of the roof. So far, they are healthy and pretty. IMG_4003.JPG

Two weeks later, we started to make some new modules. Base the amount of the soils, we decided to make 18 modules and separated them into 2 groups first. It was hard to bring such a lot of soil to the rooftop, but eventually, we did it. IMG_0168.JPG

We aligned the modules into two groups by 3×3. Then we filled gravels and soils with different percentage into those modules, for the future research. IMG_0169.JPG

I learned how to prepare for planting, it is good to know how many pounds of soils we need/have before we getting started. I have also learned the process of process of preparing and planting.   IMG_0170.JPG



The Living Wall

It is always good to see the plants which we planted together are growing well.  This semester, we worked on several plantings works from different plant species to different soil types.  By working on the green roof this semester, I learned how green roof and living walls are installed and designed. What a great experience!

The first week, we did some clean works, like getting rid of weeds. Then we had planted a living wall on the right side of the roof. It is a great success. Plants are growing pretty good and flowers are blooming.


Living Wall!


The second wall is more complicated. First, we took the modules off from the wall, and we found the soils are very wet, especially the soils on the bottom of the wall. From the right picture, we can see how wet the living wall was. 2.jpg

Then we put the modules on the floor and clean them one by one. It was not very easy to wash those modules. Later we put soils back to those modules and planted new plants into modules.


All done! I learned about the ecosystem, planting design, and construction of living wall from this work.