Greenroof Post # 3

Here at the end we quickly completed the changing out of the irrigation system and planted all of the plants. While I continued to put in the hose, other people would work on the other side of the wall from me and put the plants in the pockets already reached by the hose. Initially we saw all the work as overwhelming, but yet again we were able to make huge progress in just a few hours. Since there is no real standard method for creating a green wall, we all improvised little techniques that would help complete the job better. Working with our limited tools, and shared knowledge I think we quickly learned the trades of hose weaving and plant wrapping. As we mastered our techniques we pushed quickly towards the finish of the semester, where we would have life on every wall and in every garden. I think it was a great experience

transforming the grey squares on the roof into green patches of life, and It was great turning the dry wall into a vibrant garden.


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